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EurILCA Master Germany
Thu 8th June 2023 - Sun 11th June 2023
Germany, Sorpesee Sauerland

Regatta Informations

This regatta will be organized by the Segel-Club Sorpesee Iserlohn.

Entry Fee110.00€ (EUR)Late Entry Fee130.00€ (EUR)Entry Closing DateSat 20th of May
Entry Address!/

Race office openingThu 8th of June , 9:00 Race office closing Sun 11th of June , 17:00
First RaceFri 9th of June , 12:00Last RaceSun 11th of June , 14:00 N° of Races8
Social events

Polo shirt, welcome dinner, free food on three evenings, Woodland Gin Tonic evening, daily price giving

Insurance Requirements

All competitors shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of € 2,000,000 (2 millions Euros) per event or equivalent there of in any other currency.

Club Details

Segel-Club Sorpesee Iserlohn, Am Sorpesee 187, 59846 Sundern-Langscheid Germany

Tel: 49293282900

About Sorpesee Sauerland, Germany

Slipway at the club
In the club there are WC's, showers and changing rooms. But we will create additional facilities.
Under normal conditions we will have light to medium winds from south or southwest directions during this season

Local Tourist Information


Parking spaces for motorhomes are located at the P6 Iserlohner parking lot and must be registered
Additional parking spaces are located at the Nordic Family Park on the opposite side of the bay.
They can be rented via Sorpesee GmbH:
Vacation homes can be booked via
In both cases we have a small contingent of the Sorpesee GmbH
The campground for camping tents is located right next to the club grounds and can be booked
Please indicate participation in the IDMa „IDMaSCSI“ with all bookings with Sorpesee GmbH.
City marketing Sundern e.G.:


Enter the following address in your navigation system:
Segel Club Sorpesee Iserlohn e.V., 
Am Sorpesee 187, 
59846 Sundern-Langscheid (Sauerland)
>> From direction Langscheid (dam): (approx. 3 km)
Drive along Uferstraße in the direction of Amecke past campground 1 - then turn right - turn left
into parking lot "P6 Iserlohner" - drive through at red/white barrier to the clubhouse.
(if it turns right to Mellen, you have driven 400m too far)
>> From direction Amecke: (approx. 4 km)
Uferstraße in the direction of the dam (Langscheid) - straight ahead at the Mellen turn-off -.
long right turn (high ropes course on the right) turn right into the parking lot "P6 Iserlohner" parking
lot - pass through red/white barrier to the clubhouse.

Charter Boats Information

Kaemmererufer 24, 22303 Hambourg