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EurILCA Master Series 2024

Series Results

On this page you will find the latest overall results for each of the EurILCA Masters Series categories. EurILCA  aims to update the overall results as soon as possible after each EurILCA Masters Series regatta.

If your name does not appear in the results or it appears more than once, then this is probably because we do not have your date of birth or World Sailing Sailor ID. Every sailor must provide their World Sailing Sailor ID and birth year at registration. If you have forgotten your World Sailing Sailor ID you can search for it, or if you haven't got an World Sailing Sailor ID yet, you can obtain one on the World Sailing website.

Both the World Sailing Sailor ID and the birthyear are required in order to be correctly included in the overall scoring.

For any queries about the Overall Results, please email us.

2024 Results

ILCA 7ILCA 6 OpenILCA 6 WomenILCA 4 Women
Grand MasterGrand MasterGrand Master
Great Grand MasterGreat Grand MasterGreat Grand Master
Legend Master