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EurILCA Team Racing 2023


EurILCA is starting a team Race series in 2023.

 Every district can organise a EurILCA team race event.  Maximun number of events is 16. Each team winner will be invited to the Team Race European Champoionship 2023 who will be held at the end of the season.

It is open to any sailor who is at least 15 at the first day of the championship.

Team are composed of 2 sailors (one women and one men). All teams must be mixed.

Entry Regulations

Team should register on line at 

Every sailor will need to provide a valid World Sailing Number and date of birth to enter Team Racing regattas. If you do not know your World Sailing Number or have not yet registered for one, you can do so free of charge on the World Sailing website.

Bid form for club or district is avalaible at :

Team Racing



For the Team Racing series/qualification:

-single round robin / Semi final / final

-2 RACING days

(Friday registration,groups,opening etc.

Saturday & Sunday races – Sunday closing ceremony).


For the Team Racing European championship:

-double round robin / quarter final / semi final / final

-4 RACING days

(a day before: registration, groups,opening ceremony e.t.c

first day of races- second day of races-third day of races

last day of races and closing ceremony).



-1 man & 1 woman , 1 coach

-Maximum 16 teams






Minimum age 15 years old on the first day of the regatta


Applications / entry

  • The Winning team of the Team Racing series/qualification of each country/ sub-region will have the right to participate in the Team Racing European Championship.
  • European championship is invitation only event. Districts shall nominate team, EurILCA confirm
  • Possibility for future /national events / 4 qualification events around Europe(regional) supported by EurILCA with 4 teams qualify for championship




- The ideal is the organization to provide the boats, 12 needed (minimum 8 boats and a number of spare boats)

- but also possible with sailors bringing their own boats.


Information for the organization

  • You need:


  • International race officer (1)


  • A boat for the race committee with 5 persons (IRO, RO assistant, timekeeper, flags, scoring)


  • Mark layer rib


  • Minimum (6), international jury, (2 IU ? )


  • 3 ribs for the judges (two in a boat)


  • 4 buoys (1,2,3,4 marks)


  • Start line & Finish line


  • Big rib (or 2 smaller) for swapping teams


  • Spectator boat ( 20 -30 people) for coaches without rib and teams not racing


Race Area

  • Best choices

-The race area close to club / ashore

-If it is possible the races can be inside the harbour

-Easily organize on a lake


Proposed Entry Fee

For the Team Racing Series/qualification - proposed

150Ε per sailor

60Ε per coach

= 360 per team

For the Team Racing European Championship - fixed

250Ε per sailor

100Ε per coach

= 600 per team



-T-shirt, gadget, souvenir

-Bibs with team number for sailors