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Europa Cup Lithuania
Fri 12th May 2017 - Sun 14th May 2017
Lithuania, Kaunas, Sailing school Bangputys

Regatta Informations

This regatta will be organized by the Sailing school Bangputys.

Sailors wishing to enter must first complete an application form.

Entry Fee30.00€ (EUR)Late Entry Fee50.00€ (EUR)Entry Closing DateTue 9th of May
Entry Address
Race office openingThu 11th of May , 14:00 Race office closing Sun 14th of May , 19:00
First RaceFri 12th of May , 0:00Last RaceSun 14th of May , 19:00 N° of Races8
Social events
T-shirts, bbq party
Insurance Requirements

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 1.000.000 € per event or the equivalent

Club Details

Sailing school Bangputys, R.Kalantos g. 124, Kaunas Lithuania

Tel: +370 685 77534

About Kaunas, Sailing school Bangputys, Lithuania

Average wind strength – 3-8 m/s, average temperature +15 °C.


Motel “Baltosios bures”
R.Kalantos str. 124, LT-52337 Kaunas
+370 37 370422
18-25 Eur per person/per day