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Europa Cup Norway
Fri 31st May 2019 - Sun 2nd June 2019
Norway, Stavanger

Regatta Informations

This regatta will be organized by the Stavanger Seilforening.

Sailors wishing to enter must first complete an application form.

Entry Fee90.00€ (EUR)Late Entry Fee110.00€ (EUR)Entry Closing DateTue 21st of May
Entry Address
Race office openingThu 30th of May , 12:00 Race office closing Sun 2nd of June , 19:00
First RaceFri 31st of May , 11:00Last RaceSun 2nd of June , 15:00 N° of Races8
Social events


Insurance Requirements

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of €1,500,000 (1.5 million Euros) per event or equivalent there of in any other currency.

Club Details

Stavanger Seilforening, Karen A. Sømmes vei 3-5, Hundvåg Norway

Tel: +47 51 89 01 00

About Stavanger, Norway

Laser Charter Boats

Number of charter boats available: 5 Charter fee: 300 Euro for the race. Additional 100 Euro pr. Day for practice race.
Contact for charter boats: Torbjørn Wold, Jolleutstyr AS, +47 51 30 30 44, -
Motorboats Charter for coaching
Contact for charter boats: Tordis Stangeland, +47 51 89 01 00,


Victoria Hotel - - cost from 800 NOK per person per day
St. Svithun Hotell - - Cost from 700 NOK per person per day
Stavanger Camping Mosvangen -
Cabin 2 beds: 450 NOK, Cabin 4 beds: 600 NOK per day
Camping :
Campervan: 250 NOK with el. hook-up – per day
Caravan: 250 NOK with el. hook-up – per day
Car and tent: 200 NOK (up to 3 people) – per day
Hikers tent: 80 NOK per person in tent – per day